28 May 2014

U13 Rounders v Perrot Hill

Our third Rounders match of the term was against Perrot Hill.  We had never played them before so we did not know how challenging the match would be.

We were chosen to bat first and they had almost got 6 of us out in the first 15 balls. This was extremely good however we still managed to get 11 rounders. It was then our turn to field and our team fielded superbly, Perrot Hill only managed to score 4 rounders. We were all very happy with our play.

In the second innings they had improved and got most of us out. In fact there were only 2 of us left for the last 5 balls. The overall score was 19 and a half to 9 to Hanford. The player of the match was awarded to Leila Tillard who thoroughly deserved it.

By Luz Wollocombe