18 May 2014

South West Schools Biathle - Results


Team in 3rd place Clancy Bogue 3rd in Heat and 12th in Final
  Kitty Lee 5th in Heat
  Maddie Fowler 4th in Heat
  Marina Ruiz 10th in Heat
  Maia Wickham 11th in Heat
  Evie Blaxland 8th in Heat
Team in 3rd place Betsy Board 5th in Heat and 8th in Final
  Tiggy Lee 6th in Heat and 11th in Final
  Carlota de Sebastian 8th in Heat
  Sophie Tompkins 10th in Heat
  Alice Board 11th in Heat
Team in 2nd place Fenella Stanford 1st in Heat and 4th in Final
  Iona Cowan 4th in Final
  Daisy James 2nd in Heat and 7th in Final
  Charlotte Butt 9th in Heat