28 April 2014

LVIth Visit the Blandford Fashion Museum

On Monday 28th April, the LVIth went to a fashion museum to look at shoes for our pottery project.

First, we were allowed to browse around the first floor - this was weddings - and the thing that struck us most was how small the women were. Some were less than 1.60 metres tall!

Then, we were ushered into a large room filled with chairs. At the front, a large table filled with exquisite shoes proudly stood. Then the presentation began.

We were shown a pair of shoes that were from the late 1780s. They were in perfect condition and came with a matching accessory called a patten which stopped the silken shoes from getting ruined by the mud but these were only for the rich upper class. Lower classes wore clogs. Then we were shown more shoes, all made of silk but we noticed that none of the shoes had a left and right; they were, in a way, ambidextrous!

The later in time the shoes were made, the larger and wider the shoes became. We compared a delicately made pair made in the 1800s with a more practical pair from the late 20th century and the size difference was huge!

Finally, Lucy brought out pieces of paper and all of us started to draw our favourite shoes.

It was really fun and I hope that we can do it again!