5 May 2014

Gardening Club

GARDENING CLUB will be held every Tuesday during the summer term, after prep for the Juniors and after supper for the Seniors.  Everyone is welcome to come.  The Club will be held in the Walled Garden with Mrs R-P where girls can help with growing vegetables for the dining room and/or work in the their own gardens.  Please could parents of day girls make a plan about when and where they will meet for pick up each week.  Parents are very welcome to help us if they would like to.

Hanford has recently been awarded Level 3 (out of 5) in the RHS Campaign for School Gardening.  To achieve this we had to send photographs and evidence of:

• Children digging, weeding, planting, etc.
• Sustainable gardening practices ... mulching, manure and compost bins.
• A holiday maintenance schedule.
• Gardens being used in different curriculum areas ... photographs of art work and handwork inspired by our gardens.

Our reward for completing Level 3 is a box of over 200 plug plants from Rocket Garden Nurseries.  We'll be busy planting these in the Walled Garden in Gardening Club and during Games on Mondays.