24 February 2014

LVIth Visit Leweston for a Play and Workshop Day

On Monday 24th February the LVIth girls went to Leweston for a French Play, «Le Château», and workshop.
It was great fun and we all learnt a lot of new French. The play was brilliant and very funny, filled with lots of jokes. We didn’t understand all of them but luckily part of the play was in English so it was easier to understand.
The day started with lunch at Leweston. We then did a play workshop, when we were given a scene from the French play and were put into groups of six (some from Hanford and some from Knighton House). We then performed it in front of each other. It was hilarious and we couldn’t help ourselves from laughing.
We then went into the theatre to watch the actual play, where we were joined by Leweston Prep and some of the Leweston senior girls. The play was a two-man show about one of King Henry VIII’s men going to France to find him a new wife (No 4!). In this case it was Ann of Cleves.
Thank you to Madame Cot at Leweston for organising this great day and Madame Granados and Madame Roland for taking us. It was AMAZING !!!!!!!!!

By Emelia Shaw, Schiller Form