11 January 2014

Hanford U12A Hockey V Knighton

On the 11th January Hanford played Knighton in a hockey match. It was a FREEZING day but it was lovely and sunny. The first half was really fun surprisingly! There were a lot of really great tackles and goals. Georgie Clark and Amelia Etherington are the shooters so they scored the goals. The goal keeper (HELENA BARTON ) was really good and kept Knighton from scoring (THANK GOODNESS!) Knighton really kept us on our but we pulled back and the score was 4-1to us ! To round it all up it was exhausting ! but great fun as well. Afterwards we had a delicious match tea with hot chocolate to warm us up ! For those parents who don’t come to Knighton vs Hanford matches you should definitely consider it next time! Its very exciting !

By Amelia Etherington