11 January 2014

Hanford Netball v Knighton U12 A and B

Hanford School vs. Knighton House U12 A&B

It was a very equal game and all the players had lots of play with the ball. It was a very exciting game and Hanford quickly got the hang of the astro-turf and managed to score 3 goals in the first half. After having lots of oranges at half-time we managed to score 1 goal and Knighton managed to score 1 goal. With a lot of good saves by our Goal Keeper Helena Barton.
Our Player of the Match was Georgina Clark who was chosen by Knighton.
We could not have done without our supporters standing in the cold outside for us.

Thank you to Knighton for a yummy Match Tea and very delicious cake.


By Ella Potts and Beatriz Colon