28 November 2013

UVIth French Theatre Trip

On October 23rd the U6th went to see a French play called ‘Le Moulin Magique’ (The Magic Mill) at The Theatre Royal in Winchester. Le Moulin Magique was about a man who lived in a mill and there was no rain and no wind so the mill didn’t turn and the animals died. One day, the Wind (Monsieur le Vent) and the Rain (Madame la Pluie) visited the man and his wife and did some very funny dances and songs which involved us all joining in. These made the plants grow and the wind blow at last. The Wind left the man a present which was a magic box and it gave him food.
It was very entertaining and was made simple to understand, with funny actions and props. We all had great fun and it has encouraged us to see more French plays. We would like to thank Madame Rowland and Madame Granados for taking us to see the play.

By Georgia Fordham and Rosie Bennett