26 November 2013

Cracking the Code Day

Our day at Sherborne was really fun.  We were each sorted into a group and those groups would go round and figure out the codes and problems.  We were given little bags with t-shirts saying "I've cracked the code at Sherborne" and puzzles and notebooks and fun stuff!

I was in 'pink' group and we did languages first.  It was really hard, but amazing facts.  I learnt that I could understand half of the Irish language without learning it.

Next was history and there was a debate about who started the fire in the Reichstag;  the Nazis or the Dutch communists, or the solitary Dutch communist, van de Lubbe.

It was really interesting and in science we extracted DNA from a kiwi fruit.  Firstly, you mixed the kiwi to a smooth paste, then you heated it for a quarter of an hour.  After that, you added methylated spirits and fiddled with a few other things and we saw it!  DNA's full name is deoxyribonucleic acid.

Then it was my favourite bit:  maths.  For maths, we had to crack two codes.  Code A was to do with angles and Code B was to do with words and phrases.  It was hard at first, but once you got into the swing of it, it was great fun.

On the way home we all put on our t-shirts and came out of the minibus looking like a formation group!

By Tallulah Collis

Cracking the Code was a multi activity day learning about lots of different things:  science, history, maths and languages.  It was a really fun day and I learned a lot.  In each subject we were put into groups to try and work out codes and problems.

In science we were all in pairs and we were given a set of equipment to do an experiment taking DNA out of kiwi fruit.  We mashed up a kiwi and added a salty mixture which was ready-made.  We put the mixture into a hot water bath for 15 minutes.  Meanwhile, we did a sheet on how many words you can make out of 'deoxyribonucleic acid' (DNA).  The three people who got the most words won a flump.  Unfortunately, I did not.  We then added methylated spirits and a white layer formed in between the liquids and the kiwi.  This was the DNA.

We also did many other enjoyable things.  The lunch was delicious.  We thank all the members of Sherborne School for making the day so special and planning a great layout.  We also thank Mrs Webster and Mrs Rowland for taking us and we hope everybody else involved enjoyed it as much as us.

By Poppy Napier

Photos taken by Rick Crane