10 October 2013

Weekend Activites - 5th/6th October

The weekend's activties included: riding, hockey matches, swimming, autumn nature collection, Harvest Festival, a visit to Child Okeford for apple juicing, enjoying delicious homemade knickerbocker glories, and time to relax or play with friends.


The Apple Juicing Process at Child Okeford.  Fourteen girls, accompanied by Mrs Lewis and Romilly, went to Apple Day at Gold Hill. Lugging three sacks of apples, which had been gathered as windfalls earlier, the girls made them into bottles and bottles of apple juice. It was a complex process which involved: feeding them into a giant machine to chop them, watching them being pressed, collecting the juice, waiting for it to be filtered and finally bottling it. Whilst we were there we also visited the veg patch, watched glass being blown into baubles and sampled our own apple juice. We all had a wonderful time and are hoping to go back in the November Exeat to make Christmas baubles of our own.


The outing to Child Okeford 

 The girls returned with bottles of refreshing apple juice, made from Hanford apples.


Swimming on a glorious October afternoon.


Harvest Festival - See separate report under Latest News.


Preparing for Mrs C's Day - see separate report under Latest News.



A homemade treat - knickerbocker glories with a delicious choice of toppings.