4 October 2013

European Day of Languages


 We had lots of fun on European Day of Languages and many teachers included something in a different language in their lessons.  In Chapel that morning the lesson was read in English, French, Italian and Spanish, as well as the Lord's Prayer which we all said together in French.

Later on, we held a competition for the girls and they had to name 25 things beginning with the letter 'C' in French.  Congratulations to Beatriz Colon, who was the Upper School winner with 25 out of 25, and to the Lower School winners (Vth Form), Theodora Compton and Isabella Butler who both got 18/25. Georgia Fordham was a close Upper School runner-up with 24/25, but she won a special prize because she helped so much with setting up and clearing away on the day.
All the girls who entered won a petite grenouille au chocolat.