26 September 2013

Vth Form Trip to Tatihou in France

To sum up the trip in three words, I would say FRIENDS, FUN & PHOTOS. I could add to that forever (FAB, FRENCH, FANTASTIC, FRENCH…) but, instead, I will explain:
We arrived at Poole at 7.15, having breakfast on the ferry as soon as we arrived in our lounge. We explored whilst going up on deck. For the rest of the journey we shopped and felt sick.
When we arrived in France and we were all safely back on the coach with Terry, our driver, we got some instructions and set off for the École Sainte Marie in Valognes.
The school was nervously fun. We sang first with the French children to teach them some English songs. We sang, ‘Polly Put the Kettle On’, ‘Round and Round the Mulberry Bush’, ‘London’s Burning’, ‘1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Once I Caught a Fish Alive’, ‘This Old Man’ and our finale to them was ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’. The French children then sang a song in French and English to us (‘Bonjour lundi, Hello Monday’). After that we did the interviews we had prepared (in French!) with the French children.
We then travelled to the island of Tatihou on the boat which goes from wheels to water because of the oyster beds. When we arrived on the island I could hear shrieks of excitement. We found out our dorms and unpacked. After dinner we went for a walk to explore the magical paradise we were staying on. We all had an early night because we had a big day ahead of us.
The next day we got up at 7.30 but it felt much earlier because we were one hour ahead. We had a delicious breakfast of hot chocolate and baguette. After that we set off to see the Bayeux Tapestry, which was amazing. All the little details were given to us on an audio. Luckily, it was in English! It was nicely followed by a delicious lunch at a coffee shop called La Normandise. We then went to Bayeux Cathedral. It was amazing! We then split into two groups and half went for an ice cream and half went to the sweet shop, where we had to order what we wanted in French, then we swapped around.
Waking up bright and early was a struggle but excitement helped us up the next morning. We had to say ‘au revoir’ to the island, which was hard, but we did. We went to the market in Saint Vaast (where we learnt to haggle in French – ‘c’est trop cher’!) and then to a goat farm, where we saw the mothers, babies and fathers (which were tied up because they were aggressive) and then we saw how the cheese was made. Kindly, the owners gave each of us a small goats’ cheese.
After all, fun things have to come to an end, which in this case was very hard! We arrived back at the ferry for a very loud trip back because everybody was playing ‘hotels’ with the bars you put your suitcases on. We arrived back at school at 10.50 and we crept upstairs and were in bed by 11.10. Even though it was sad leaving France we were glad to be home.

By Minna White