21 September 2013

Junior Camping Trip

There is no better way of getting to know your new class mates than going away on a camp together. Just over a week into term, the 4th Form packed their belonging from the dorm and headed into one of the secluded areas of Hanford’s ground to put up their tents and camp out for the night. Thankfully the weather was warm and dry which made the pitching of the tents much easier. There were plenty of jobs to be done, building a fire, preparing tea and making gadgets such as welly-pegs and washing up stands, before the games began! How would you transport a team of five across a space of 20m on just two carrier bags? The girls came up with some ingenious solutions and worked together to complete the task wonderfully.
As night fell they gathered around the camp fire where their tea, neatly wrapped in tin foil, had been cooking away in the embers for a little while. As soon as they were eating, the fire was rekindled and ready for a good sing song and some entertainment which had been rehearsed earlier. As the fire died down once again, the glowing hot logs were just right for toasting marshmallows and a few more songs. Before long they were all feeling sleepy and ready for bed so, after having a wash and cleaning their teeth, they went to bed… and most of them went straight to sleep!!
The girls woke feeling refreshed and, after a short play in their onesies, ate breakfast, made their own pack lunch and took down the tents before starting on the long walk to the playground in Stourpaine. We followed the river around the bottom of Hod Hill and along the track into the village. The playground was great fun and as well as enjoying the swings and flying witches hat, Mrs Rough organised an assault course which Romilly timed as most of the girls raced around it. Nella was the fastest but there were many who were very close behind. After we had eaten our picnic we walked to the village shop for an ice-cream before climbing over Hod to make our way back to school. It was a steep climb up but it was good fun rolling down hill on the other side. Hot and weary we reached school in time to unpack and have a nice refreshing swim before tea.