15 September 2013

U12 Netball vs Knighton House

The A match

On Saturday the 14th of September the Hanford a team played the Knnghton A team. Our captain was Amelia Ethrington
The opposition was tough to beat they were fast and really good!!!
Our goal shooter was Poppy Napier and goal attack was Hum Hunt- Davis. Together they scored all the goals (14) and were really good!!!! Over all it was a fun game and Hanford won 14-5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Match tea was yummy and we had a chance to meet some of the girls.

Over all it was an exciting match. Poppy Napier was player of the match!
Well done everyone!!

By Amelia Rouse


The B’s Match

On the 14th of September, Hanford school played Knighton house in a netball match.

The first quarter was not played as well as we could have done. Footwork was called a lot of times on both sides and the ball was often loose. Daisy Stroyan was really good as centre, always darting around the court and intercepting the ball from Knighton. Isabel Wooddisse was an amazing shooter and even survived a ball to the head!

Mrs. Morgan gave us really good pep talks and by the end of the third quarter all of us had really improved. It was a really tight game for the first three quarters, the score being 2-1 to us then in the last quarter Georgie Clark, Monar Stroyan, Anastasia Compton and Ava Bremner were all incredible- without them we would have not won the game.

In the end, we won 6-1 and Rocio Frauguas was player of the match. Well done Knighton and well done Hanford.


By Helena Barton, WD