19 June 2013

The Bishop of Lui visits Hanford

This year marks the fortieth anniversary of the link between the Salisbury Diocese and Sudan. As part of the celebrations, the Bishop of Lui, Rt. Revd Stephen Dokolo, visited the Blackmore Vale Deanery, which includes the parish of Child Okeford, and with which the Lui Diocese is linked. Lui is in South Sudan, the newest country in the world. As a result of the recent war, the infrastructure is extremely poor; there is no electricity or running water. Literacy rates, especially amongst women, are some of the lowest in the world. Children are often taught outside and have no pens or paper.

Hanford has donated £500 to St Nicholas Church Child Okeford to support the link with Lui. Last Wednesday Nigel Mackay presented a cheque to the Bishop outside the Chapel at Hanford, watched by Elly, Luz and Ely.