18 June 2013

The Bee Man Comes Back to Hanford

As part of their Nature work Rough form have been studying insects and bees in particular. In order to help their understanding Alex Cooper of Hunny Bear Bee Products came into to talk to us. He is an experience bee-keeper and has a great deal of knowledge about all types of bees and how they behave.  He told us how bees make honey and how important they are to flowers and to us for our food. He brought with him a colony of bumblebees that he had removed from a wall and explained how both the bumblebees and their colony are different to those of honey bees.  We all found it very informative and the girls posed many interesting questions, many of them about why bees sting, if they really do die if they sting, whether they sting each other.  We learnt a lot of new facts about bees and we would like to thank Alex for coming in to school to talk to us.