2 May 2013

IIIrd Form Trip to the Beach

On a warm and sunny Thursday morning at the beginning of May, the IIIrd Form packed their bags with swim wear, sunscreen, picnics, clipboards, paper, pencils and all the necessary equipment for investigating rock pools, and headed down to the coast.

Our first port of call was Lulworth Cove where we spent the morning being inspired by the landscape of towering cliffs, intriguing caves and a pebbly beach; a perfect setting for tales of pirates and smugglers. Our aim was to gather ideas for our stories which, this year, are to be inspired by the sea. We worked with a partner to write an adjectival poem and think of as many similes as we could.


We gathered into small groups and conjured up stories of pirates, smugglers and amazing sea creatures.

After a lovely picnic lunch we got back in the minibus and drove to Kimmeridge Bay. The tide had just turned and left behind a myriad of rock pools waiting for us to study as part of the current Nature topic of Habitats. Under the supervision of Mrs Maughan we studied and identified a host of animals and seaweeds while continuing our creative theme, trying to imagine what it would be like to live in a land beneath the waves…. We didn’t see any mermaids but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist!

“The first thing we were told to do was to just sit down and watch the rock pool to see if anything was in it.” Willa

“We chose one rock pool to look at and see what lived in it. We found sea anemones, limpets, shrimps and sea snails.” Annabel

“We saw lots of different sea weeds.” Isabel

“Sea weed was all sorts of colours, one bit was red. There was lots of 'bladder wrack'." Alice

"We made a tally chart for the first rock pool.” Poppy

“Then we got a net and trays and went to a different rock pool and we caught different sea animals.” Annabel

"Each rock pool is different.” Willow

"Kimmeridge is a really good place to go to find rock pools.” Charlotte

By late afternoon, full of good Dorset sea air and tired from a day of clambering over rocks, we started to make our way back Hanford. It was a wonderful day, made complete with a visit to the village shop for a well-deserved ice cream!