25 March 2013

Music Exam Results

ABRSM Music Results March, 2013

Congratulations to all the girls who passed their recent music examinations. 

Grade Result Name Instrument
6 Pass Mary Petherick Singing
5 Merit Mary Potts Theory
5 Pass Emily Gaselee Piano
5 Pass Mary Potts Piano
5 Pass Luz Wollocombe Piano
4 Pass Fenella Carr-Smith Singing
4 Pass Ottilie Tabberer Cello
3 Merit Georgia Flawn-Thomas Cello
3 Merit Celia McCormick Piano
3 Pass Katie Beales Piano
3 Pass Frances Hunt-Davis Flute
3 Pass Olivia Imms Piano
3 Pass Ellie Whitbread Piano
2 Distinction Elly Murray Brown Piano
2 Pass Sophia Hamilton Piano
2 Pass Letitia Harris Flute
2 Pass Felicity Holme Piano
2 Pass Emma Kitson Singing
2 Pass Molly Payne B Flat Cornet
2 Pass Maia Wickham Singing
1 Distinction Tatiana Hoogewerf Piano
1 Distinction Tiggy Lee Violin
1 Pass Helena Barton Flute
1 Pass Ava Bremner Flute
1 Pass Alice Cooper Flute
1 Pass Celia Ellis Piano
1 Pass Mara Fane Flute
1 Pass Darcy Hood Singing
1 Pass Gabriella Howard-Harwood Flute
Preliminary Test Pass Beatrice Bowder Violin


Rock School EXams - March, 2013

 5 Merit Mary Petherick Drum Kit
1 Merit Sasha Forrest Drum Kit