12 March 2013

French Theatre Trip for the LVIth


On Tuesday 12th March the Lower Sixth went to Leweston School to watch a play, «Ecris-moi», by the Onatti Theatre Company.

Before we watched the play we, along with Knighton House School, were invited to participate in a workshop. We were put into groups to create our own versions of the play we were later going to watch.

The play was about a misunderstanding between an English boy, Tony, and his French pen friend, a girl named Renée . Renée thinks Tony is a girl and Tony thinks Renée is a boy! It was very entertaining. We also had a delicious lunch in Leweston’s dining room.

Everybody enjoyed this fantastic and educational event.

We all thank our two French teachers, Madame Granados and Madame Rowland, for taking us out for the day.

Au revoir !


Eleanor Wheatley & Mariella Murray Brown