13 March 2013

Scholarship News

Scholarships and Exhibitions, 2012 - 13 (as at 13th March, 2013)

 Many congratulations to all those mentioned below.

 Celia McCormick  Sherborne Girls  Academic Exhibition
 Celia McCormick  Sherborne Girls  Music Exhibition
 Georgia Flawn-Thomas  Stowe  Roxburgh Scholarship
 Ottilie Tabberer  Bryanston  Richard Hunter All-Rounder Scholarship
 Ottilie Tabberer  Bryanston  Art Scholarship
 Caroline Borton  St Mary's Shaftesbury  Sports Scholarship
 Mary Potts  St Mary's Shaftesbury  Head's Scholarship (Music)
 Ellie Whitbread  Tudor Hall  Minor Sports Scholarship (not taken up)
 Ottilie Tabberer  Bedales  Art Scholarship