11 March 2013

Vth Form Trip to Leweston - March 2013

On Tuesday 5th March Percival and Granados forms (Year 6) went to Leweston School to see “Lady Cecily’s Sound Box”, a Victorian Music Hall melodrama exploring and explaining the ideas and concepts of “Sound”, the topic we are currently studying.  With songs and actions, the Kinetic Theatre Company managed to demonstrate how sound travels and incorporated lots of the technical language and facts.  It was a fast and furious production, with many costume changes (two cast members playing several roles each), humour and audience participation.  The Science Department hopes that this visual presentation will ensure that the girls remember the work!
Our thanks go to Leweston School for their kind invitation.

Alison Maughan - Head of Science


The Sound Box was a brilliant experience. It taught us all about sound and but fitted it all into everyday life in the Victorian times. It was full of drama and comedy but still provided a lot of interesting facts. It made me laugh, gasp, hiss and boo at all the different characters! Amazingly, all the characters were only played by two people. Full of brilliant and hilarious songs and actions it left me humming the tune on the coach on the way back to Hanford. I’d definitely see it again if I could and I extremely enjoyed it. Everybody really enjoyed it too and we are all very thankful towards Mrs Percival and Mrs Maughan for taking us.

By Georgina Clark



I thought that the production performed by ‘Kinetic Theatre’ was brilliant, with only two actors that performed three parts each! The play was a proper Victorian Melodrama, set in London at the beginning of the 1900s, with ‘booing’ and ‘hissing’.

The main character was Emily, with her evil twin Elizabeth who planned to kill Queen Victoria with a miniature version of the ‘Tardis’ and the chimes from Big Ben. When Queen Victoria arrived at her palace at twelve o’clock, the sound waves from Big Ben are concentrated at the bomb using a funnel and that triggers a chemical inside the bomb, causing it to blow up, hopefully killing Queen Victoria. Or so Elizabeth thinks...

They were very clever to have combined humour and science in one witty play and the way that they involved other school children with the actions was great.  The play left me wanting more and had me biting my knuckles with excitement and longing to know what happened next...

By Mara Fane


I thought Kinetic Theatre’s production was spectacular. With only two actors playing more than two parts each! The scenes were exciting pieces drama as Emily’s evil twin Elizabeth plans to kill Queen Victoria with sound!
It was an interesting trip, thanks to Leweston School who provided a wonderful stage and welcome.
I learnt that the minimum frequency we can hear is 20 hertz and the highest humans can hear is 2 000 hertz!
Once again a big thank you to Leweston

By Anastasia Compton

It was a great experience. It taught me a few things that I didn’t already know about sound. It was the best science play that I have ever been to. It was surprising that the lady played three parts in the play and the man played four parts in the play. The things that it taught me were that it takes 20 vibrations per second at the lowest to make a sound. The sound box was very good. I had so much fun. The other thing that it taught me was that 20000 vibrations is the highest sound that you can hear. The man played Vic Brit, the chimney sweep, the butler and Gordon. The lady played Maria, Emily and Elizabeth. If there is another one I would like to go and see it.

By Holly Tonkins