31 January 2013

UVIth Trip to Athelhampton House

 On Wednesday the 30th of January, the U6th were lucky enough to go to Athelhampton house for a history and scripture trip.
We got there around 6:30 in the evening were immediately struck by the image of the magnificent house all lit up against the dark sky. We were then led into to the main hall which was warm and welcoming with a big roaring fire at the end.
Then we were greeted by a lovely lady called Clare who explained to us about the beautiful paintings and decorations in the house as well as telling us about the fascinating background and previous owners of Athelhampton. The house is now owned by Mr Cooke (who we were privileged to meet) and his family and had a friendly, lived in atmosphere, despite being so stunningly built and decorated.
We were also treated to a tour of all the main rooms, as well as through a secret passageway to one of my favourites, the library with over 4000 books!
In one of the rooms, there was a selection of old dresses in amazing condition, as well as a beautifully embroidered wedding dress.
After a detailed tour, we had some snacks and then went up into the private cinema, which was big and so it was exciting to be only 30 or people.
The film ‘Amazing Grace,’ which we watched, was about William Wilberforce and his endless battle to abolish slavery in England. It was brilliantly acted and really made me realise how far we’ve come today from where we used to be. It also helped us appreciate the
tireless efforts of many individuals to make our world a better place, and I felt it was really inspiring.
Thank you, Mrs Witheridge and Mr Boote!

By Maya Kulukundis                                                                                               Photographs taken by Franny Hunt-Davis