16 January 2013

U12B Netball v Clayesmore

U12B Netball v Clayesmore

 The match was against Clayesmore and everyone played very well. We won 24-7. Olivia Imms was the captain of the team. She was a great captain and played very well she played as Wing Defence. Clancy Bogue was Goal Keep she was very good at defending the goals. Emma Kitson played Centre she played very well and was very good at intercepting. Theodora Whittaker also played well as Goal Attack she scored many goals Kitty Lee was Wing Attack she was very good at getting into a space to get the ball. Letty Harris was Goal defence she was very good at Centre Passes. Celia Ellis played as Goal Shooter. Ellie Wheatley was excellent she was a shooter and reserve, as well as Lilly Bult who also was very good as Goal Defence and Goal Keeper. The player of the match was Celia Ellis.


C – Emma Kitson
GA –Theodora Whittaker
GS –Celia Ellis
WA –Kitty Lee
WD –Olivia Imms
GD –Letty Harris
GK – Clancy Bogue
Reserves – Lilly Bult and Ellie Wheatley

By Celia Ellis