29 November 2012

LVIth Trip to the Blandford Fashion Museum




On the twenty second of November Mrs. Curtis and Lucy took all the lower 6th to the Blanford Fashion Museum. It is an old house run by voluntary ladies.

They set out a display of shoes for us and gave us a lecture on them. They had all sorts of shoes ranging from a modern Prada shoe to a 1691 fashionable ball shoe with its own matching clogs, (this was very interesting because the lady who owned the shoe would place the clog on the shoe so she could go outside without the shoe getting ruined). Downstairs, in each room they had a different scene, each with ladies dressed in very old clothes. This showed us how they would have dressed and what they would have done. We were even allowed to touch and handle the shoes if we wore some special gloves, we then drew the shoe in our sketchbook. We will be using these drawings to help us get ideas for our shoes that we will make in pottery next term. Overall we all enjoyed our visit very much and we can’t wait to make our shoes!

By Luz Wollocombe and
Ines de la Esperanza