14 November 2012

U13 and U11 Hockey v Sunninghill

U11s v Sunninghill

Hanford 4 - 0 Sunninghill

The match was amazing. Everybody played extremely well. The score overall was 4-0 to us. Everybody was very happy to win as it was our first win this term.

Amelia Etherington and Georgina Clark scored the goals. Helena Barton as goal keeper saved two amazing goals. The defenders were brilliant. They kept the ball away from the goal and to the forwards. Sunninghill were brilliant at defending and were very unlucky that we got some goals. They were good at tackling and their goalie was amazing and managed to save two fantastic goals.

The man of match for us was Darcy Hood. The man of the match for Sunninghill was the goal keeper. Overall everybody played very well. By Georgina Clark