22 October 2012

UVIth Activity day at Mill on the Brue

The UVith girls really enjoyed the team building exercises at Mill on the Brue in Bruton.


 It was all amazing and I cannot pick the best bit.  Fenella












 The scariest thing was standing on top of a 13 block high stack of crates, then seeing it all fall down.  Honor


 I loved knocking crates over - it was SO much fun!  Katie


 I loved stacking the crates - it was so funny when Ellie and Fenella fell off the crates so they were just hanging in the air.  Franny













 The funniest thing was when we stook on ten crates piled up and then they fell down and we were stranded in the air.  Sophia



 The raft building was the most enjoyable for me, not just because we got to push our instructors into the river!  It also taught us how to work with others and that is something we could use for life in any situation.  Caro

 I enjoyed making the rafts in groups because it made us work in a team and help eachother.  Araminta


 The best thing about our trip was definately when Georgia and I drifted down the river on our raft with no oars.  Alice


 The funniest thing was when we pushed our instructors into the water!  Simi

I think my favourite and funniest part of the day was when we pushed the instuctors in the October freezing river.  Ellie

 The funniest bit of Mill on the Brue was when I had to jump in the cold water to get my oar.  India