17 October 2012

Cracking the Code

 Rosie Bennett and Elly Murray-Brown were in the winning group for the mathematics' section of the Cracking the Code day.  See their report about the day below.



On Thursday 18th of October Lewis form were invited to Sherborne – boys and girls – for a day of cracking the code. This event included Science, Maths, Geography and Modern Languages. The whole thing took place in remembrance of Alan Turing, one of the few code crackers in England during WW2, who was an old boy at Sherborne.
In Science we did an experiment to get the DNA out of a kiwi fruit and we also did a challenge to see how many words we could get out of a word that we could not spell or pronounce (deoxyribonucleic acid)! Georgia won this challenge with one hundred words.
In Maths – which was very hard – we had to do lots of sums in order to spell out a phrase using angles of a triangle.
After that we went to Sherborne Boys to have a delicious lunch .
In Geography we had to speak about all the different countries in need and if we had £5,000,000 how would we spend it in order to help them.
In Languages we were given an Irish test, in which we had to work out the answer using our knowledge of other languages.
All in all it was a ‘code cracking day’ and we give thanks to Sherborne schools and Madame Granados who took us.

By Rosie Bennett and Elly Murray Brown