3 October 2012

Mini Sagas

"Mini Sagas - Amazing Adventures" is a book of the winning pieces from a creative writing competition held in the south for 7 to 11 year olds. Read Hanford's winning pieces here ...

The Monster
As Captain Bony’s ship was sailing in the foggy waters of Cutlass Cove, he heard a ripple in the water below. Suddenly the boat started to rock violently! Huge slimy tentacles snatched the boat and pulled it down into the murky black waters beneath. It had vanished. Only I survived.
Alice Price

The Cruel Cutlasses
While I was in my ship The Cruel Cutlasses, a crew of pirates swarmed aboard. I knew what they wanted … the treasure map! Before I knew it Captain One-Eye was holding a dagger to my throat, but I was too quick. I dived into the sea … with the map!
Daisy Stroyan

Cutlass Cove
Tom had been captured by the nastiest pirates on the seven seas. He was a slave for three years, scrubbing the deck morning, noon and night. Finally, he was forced to walk the plank to find Captain Blackadder’s hidden treasure … Splash!
Amelia Etherington

The Storm
Captain Skull looked out across the stormy sea. Suddenly, lightning struck the mast and sent it crashing into the sea. Water poured onto the deck and the vessel began to break. It sank down through the dark water to rest at the bottom of the murky sea.
Violet Elworthy

Lost Love
Captain Skull sailed off, leaving Shipwreck Island behind him. He was looking through his telescope when he saw a girl floating in the sea. He rescued her. Skull immediately fell in love but she refused to marry him. He was so angry he made her walk the plank.
Isabel Wooddisse

Gallow’s Point
On a stormy night, when the wind was blowing fiercely, my brave little boat set sail. Suddenly I heard a voice screaming “Help!” I had found Ella, my long-lost best friend, and I rescued her. I couldn’t believe my luck.
Ava Bremner

Rescue, or Not?
I woke up still on the sandy beach. Nobody had come to rescue me, despite the sign I’d made with shells. I dozed lazily in the sun. The waves lapped at the shore. I stared off into the distance. A ship! Was it coming this way? “Help! Help!”
Monar Stroyan

The Chest
As I was scuba-diving, I reaching the bottom of the ultramarine ocean. I came across a hard, curved, mossy piece of wood. I dug through the sand and discovered a chest. I opened it and inside was a key, but to what door and where?
Ella Murray Brown

Their little wooden rowing boat bobbed about in the murky, green water. The waves roared whilst gashing their jagged fingers against the boat. The rain pelted down; it seemed natural as they were feeling miserable. Then suddenly, a sea serpent arose and sucked them downwards, never to be seen again.
Georgia Fordham

Mermaid Mystery
“Woohoo!”, yelled Sally. We were galloping along the muddy river path. We tied up the ponies and dived into the icy water. Lucy dropped beneath the surface but didn’t return. We hunted for her, spotted a shimmering tail and there she was … sitting on a rock, gazing into a shining mirror.
Evie Blaxland

A Mysterious Shadow
When I was at school my best friend, who’s always laughing, started being very grumpy and I didn’t know what to do. That night, when I went to bed, I saw a shadow. It looked like my miserable friend! Was it her, or was I trapped in a strange nightmare?
Marina Ruiz de Lobera

Creepy Castle
I crept into the eerie corridor and stumbled suddenly into a curtain of cobwebs. My ear-piercing shriek echoed around the walls. I stopped. I shivered. I heard creaking behind me. Whipping round, I saw a ghost glaring at me. What did she want?
Ellie Wheatley

The Tower
I galloped through deserts, stumbled up mountains and struggled through rivers. Finally, I reached the tower. It looked impossible to climb. Suddenly, out of the darkness, a rope appeared. I climbed up and up until I reached the window. I pulled back the curtain to find a homely room … empty.
Luz Wollocombe

Lost, Drowned and Forgotten
“Argh” I sank down into the murky waters. I didn’t know what to do. I was spluttering for air. An octopus crept up behind me and thrust me down onto the seabed. It wrapped its tentacles around me and throttled me to death. No one would know my fate.
Olivia Imms

My Parrot and I
One night, when I was on my ship, a tremendous storm struck. We had crashed on the rocks. My parrot and I were stranded. All through the night we swam. Finally, we found an island that hadn’t been discovered yet. We waited and waited to be rescued.
Molly Payne

Gallow’s Point
It was a dark and stormy night. A ship was edging closer to Gallow’s Point where skeletons were scattered around on jagged rocks. Suddenly, the ship crashed. Water flooded in. Hundreds drowned, only two survived.
Darcy Hood