26 September 2012

3rd Form - The Archeological Dig


3rd Form's Archeological Dig

As part of our History lesson, Rough Form went on an archaeological dig with Mrs Leonard and Mrs Rough. We went up to the sand pit. The first thing we did was to separate the sand pit it into four quarters with some skipping ropes. Then we were put into four groups, took our shoes and socks off and were given a plastic spoon each. In our groups we started to dig until we discovered bones and jewellery!

AT first it took a long time to find anything, but then the first group discovered a bone! After that more things where discovered more often. After a while two more bones were found. Mrs Rough then told us to work in a row across our section of the sand pit so that it would be quicker to find things and we would be sure not to miss any objects. We had to dig very carefully because some things were very small. Then many more things were found, our group found an ancient coin at the very bottom off the sand pit and something that looked very like an ancient bit of Roman floor. Another group found a ring which was still in tact but it was a bit sandy.

After the archaeological dig we went back to the class room to date the objects that we had found. We tried to decide how old we thought they were by looking at the materials that they were made from. We laid them out on a table. At one end we put the most recent things like the telephone, and the older things were placed at the other end. Materials such as wood, string and paper would have rotted away if they had been very old, so we knew that the necklace on a sting was not very old and neither was the newspaper or balloons. We found a real ancient spear head and a piece of petrified wood, this is wood that has been compressed and turned to stone.

By the end of the lesson it was done, we had lots fun and learned a lot as well.

By Willa Stourton, Fleur Hurst and Alice Board