27 September 2012

Vth Form en France!


The Vth Form has made history! For the first time the Vth Form has spent a weekend together in France, cramming in so much from history, geography and maths to French interviews, buying ice-creams, visiting a goat farm and the local market and having lots of fun. We based ourselves on the delightful little island of Tatihou, off the coast of St-Vaast-La-Hougue near Cherbourg and each morning we rejoined the mainland for an action packed day.
I am so proud of all the girls, who were such good ambassadors for Hanford and our country! They made the most of every opportunity to use their French and to learn all about the area. I am most grateful to my colleagues Mme Granados and Mrs Mackay for helping me ensure this new venture was such a success.
Fiona Rowland

Here are a few of the girls’ comments and some photos
"I thought that the French trip was amazing!"
"I discovered that goats like suede shoes and denim and that goats’ cheese is very good. Also interviewing children isn’t that hard."
"Tatihou was beautiful and I collected lots of shells. Our rooms were amazing."
"We saw the Bayeux tapestry – for me that was the best part."
"I really liked the goats’ cheese – it was the nicest cheese I have ever tasted."
"It was my first time going to France and it was a really good trip.
"I really, really, really liked going to the market and also paddling.
"Going to the market was amazing and going to the school was a very wacky thing to do. I was glad that we could speak more French than they could English."
"We first went to the goat farm and had a yummy lunch and then we went to the school where we asked lots of questions. The lady at the goat farm was so nice and she explained lots of things to us, all in French. We also saw her at the market."
"I think the French trip was a big adventure. We went to a school called Ste Marie – at first we were a little shy but soon we were having a lot of fun finding out about the children and practising our French."
"Interviewing the children was scary, but when we sang them ‘How much is that doggy in the window’ and it came to the ‘woof, woof’ bit they burst out laughing. The French children loved singing ‘London’s burning’ and Mrs Mackay taught them lots of new songs."
"I loved the market and the boat ride from Tatihou to the mainland was really fun and bumpy. It was very sweet when the boat grew wheels at low tide and we bumped along through the oyster beds."
"Michel and Béa were so nice at the café in Bayeux and we all practised our ‘buying an ice-cream’ conversation and got to eat a delicious ice-cream."
"Thank you Mme Rowland, Mme Granados and Mrs Mackay."