30 May 2012

Sandroyd Tetrathlon - A Great Day

Mini team

"Sandroyd hosted an extremely successful Tectrathalong, which is a competition with four events - running, swimming, shooting and riding.

"We participated in running first.  The track led over the Sandroyd grounds short and flat AND EASY FOR US Hanford girls because we had been reluctantly getting out of bed every morning to find Mr Riggs waiting for us, ready to go, eager to go.

"Next we did the swimming which was quite funny because we lost our way to the pool but in the end we found it and we all swam well.

"Our third event was shooting, a boring but competitive sport.  We used pistols and we were aiming at a small A4 target.  In the end we all managed to get over 700 points.

"Last, but definitely not least, riding.

"Luz Wollocombe went first on her own 13.1 hands pony called Freddie.  Luz had the most experience riding in our team.  Her final result was good and she got a clear round.

"Second was Betsy Board on Daisy a brilliant pony who likes to go fast and jumped high.  Daisy, she is Hanford's.  Betsy also got the clear round.

"Elly Murray Brown went third on Whizz a popular pony at Hanford.  Elly has had the least experience riding.  As a result Elly got 20 penalties (a stop).

"Fourth was Violet Elworthy who was riding Magic 3, a beautiful, strong New Forest pony.  Violet got a clear round.

"The Sandroyd Tectrathalong was a great experience.  In the end we came first but as some pony clubs took place we came third.

"We were all pleased with our performances throughout the day and we enjoyed it very much."

As written by Elly Murray Brown

Junior team

We all set off in the early morning to begin our eventful day at the Sandroyd Tetrathlon.  The junior team consisted of Caroline Borton, Edith Hood and me, Ophelia Fortescue.

The first sporting events started at 9.00am.  Ours was shooting which wasn't so good because we were all shaking with nerves but we all did well.  We then had roughly a half an hour wait until we had to get ready for swimming.  After a lot of early morning runs and swims there was quite a bit of pressure for us to do well.  After three minutes of exhausting front crawl, the riding and running were all that waited.

We then had a delicious packed lunch which Lucy had made for us earlier, giving us energy for the junior riding course.  We were all scared about jump number 8 ..... the big log!  But once we all were on the course we cleared it!  Phew!  Caroline and I were riding Magic, a school pony, and Edith was riding Daisy, an ex-Sunnucks pony.  Both ponies went flying round the course and clearly enjoyed it.

We then had an extremely long wait until the running.  We spent most of our time at the burger grill!  But when it finally happened we all completed the 1500m successfully.  It was long but it was worth doing those early morning runs with Mr Riggs!

After a very long day we were all very tired but satisfied with what we had achieved.

Ophelia Fortescue