21 May 2012

Learning All About Bees

On Monday 21st May 2012 a bee man came to visit us. We learnt that there are three kinds of bees. The worker (female), the drone (male) and the Queen (female). All the bees have different duties. The workers make the honey, look after the drones and look after the Queen’s babies. The drones do barely anything. However, their job is to mate the Queen. They do this 70ft above the hive. The Queen’s job is to lay eggs. The workers have a lot of power. If they think that the Queen isn’t laying properly they can chuck her out! Every Winter, they throw the drones out! To feed the bees they collect pollen. All bees eat this except the Queen, who eats royal jelly. To make honey they use nectar. Drones take 26-27 days to hatch, workers take 21-23 days to hatch and Queens take 16-17 days to hatch. Because the Queen is so big most people think that it should take longer to hatch but because it is much larger but because it is fed royal jelly. Bees are different to wasps. If wasps sting you they live on, but if a bee stings you it dies which is why a bee only stings you in real self defence. The bee dies because the thorax comes off. The thorax is a part of a body. The head and the abdomen are also parts of the body. We learnt a lot. Thank you, Alex!

By Alice McCormick

On Monday Alex the bee keeper came and told us about bees.
Bees have 6 legs and 3 parts of the body head thorax and abdomen and 5 eyes
Bees die if they sting you because when the bee flies away the thorax comes off.
Queen bees are feed on royal jelly which makes them bigger then the rest. The queen can also breed. Queens some times fight. Worker bees can not reproduce and drones mate with the queen.

I learnt a lot!

By Ishbel Scott


Today the bee man came and told us all about bees. Here are a few things that he told us.
There are three types of bee: Worker bees, drone bees and the queen bee. The drone bees were male, and they had nothing to do except mate with the queen bee. In the winter, they were thrown out. The worker bees, however, were very busy all day. They had to feed the queen royal jelly, look after the eggs and collect nectar. When they were older, they went scavenging. The queen bee was the most important bee because she lays all the eggs. I never knew this, but bees have 5 eyes! They have three normal eyes, called ocelli and two eyes on the side of their head called compound eyes.
The bee man also showed us a chart on how long it takes bees to hatch. The drone bees take about 26-27 days to hatch, the workers take about 21 days and the queen takes about 16-17 days.
I learnt a lot of things that I didn’t know. It was very interesting.

By Felicity Holme


The bee man was called Alex cooper. Alex told us about bees. First Alex told us about when the first person found honey then he told us about getting stung. Alex said that if you get stung don’t try and pull it out because the more you try to pull it out the more poison stays in your body. Then he told us about the bees there is the queen bee, the Drone bees and the worker bees. If bees sting someone or something they will die! Wasps don’t like bees so they wait out side the hive and when the bees come out the wasps snip off their heads.


By Beatrice Bowder