2 May 2012

Athletics at Clayesmore

100m Sprint

U11 Poppy Napier, Hermione Hunt-Davis

U12 Elly Murray Brown, Iona Cowan

U13 Frances Hunt-Davis, Araminta Stubbs

U14 Tilly Henriques, Lara Longden

In the 100m Sprint everybody came in the top 3 at Hanford.  It was a very good race overall.  Tilly Henriques got the fastest time of the Hanford girls, coming 2nd place.


In the 200m Sprint everybody came in the top 3 and Natalie Phillips got the fastest time.

In the 800m Sprint we entered two people from the year below and they came 2nd and 3rd, which was very good.

In the Long Jump, A and B jumpers worked together but we did not find out how far we jumped.

The Rounders Ball and Shot Putt was well done and Amelia Etherington in the U11 threw a great throw of just over 25 metres.


By Ella Potts and Poppy Napier