19 January 2012

King's Park Cross Country running

Kings Park Cross Country running

Today we were all very excited about the running because we have been doing really well in the running so far this term.
       When we got to Kings Park it was quite cold .we were the first ones to walk the course .there were lots of Hanford parents to support along the course that helped a lot.
When we set off, we all packed up tight and stayed that way nearly all the way through .
We all were in the first 21 out of a lot of schools.Mr Riggs was really pleased with us all.
After that we went back to the mini bus and had lots of hot chocolate .A couple of days later we found out the results and Mr. Riggs told us the news that we were county champions and we were so pleased.
Over all we all had a fantastic day.
By Araminta Stubbs