12 January 2012

The Ken Baily Cross Country Races at Bryanston

The Ken Baily Cross Country Races

It was a rainy day on the 12th of January. Our whole team did really well and we all tried very hard. We were the first team to walk the course (as always).

When the race started we were all very close together, then we separated a bit. The first girl in our team to get in from the race was Caroline Borton as 10th and then it was Alice Cooper as 14th, after that it was Edith Hood as 16th. Then it was Katie Beales as 19th  shortly after that it was Araminta Stubbs as 23rd then Ellie Whitbread as 39th, after that it was Imo Folkes as 49th then Luz Wollocombe as 51st, then Georgia Flawn-Thomas as 53rd. After that it was Hum Hunt- Davis as 56th then Elly Murry- Brown as 66th, after that it was Natilie Phillips as 81st then Ella Potts as 82nd after that it was Rosie Bennett as 85th then Kitty Lee as 86th then finally Ophelia Fortiscue as 124th. Well done to those girls! As I said we all worked very hard and all that hard work added up as our first 4 that came in came first and got a medal!


By Katie Beales