13 January 2012

LVIth Visit to Bath Fashion Museum

On Friday 13th January the lower 6th were lucky enough to go on a trip to the Bath Fashion Museum. First, we met Liz who talked to us about shoes: why we wear them and what they are made from. Then, we went to look at some shoes and did sketches of them, made note of the designs we liked and began to think about how we would design our own shoes.

After this, armed with our drawings, we returned to Liz who told us that we were going to make paper shoes! She explained how to make them and that after they were made we could put a candle inside them for a beautiful effect.

We got to work, but sadly we were running behind schedule and most of us had to take ours back to school to complete it. I’m sure that all of the lower 6th would like to thank Liz very much for giving us an amazing experience.

After the Fashion Museum we went to the Roman Baths where we got the chance to admire the beautiful surroundings.
We made some charcoal drawings of the magnificent statues and later got a chance to have a tour around the baths with an audio guide. Many of us learnt things about the baths that we never knew before, like how they are naturally heated! A big thank you to Mrs Curtis and Lucy for taking us on this amazing trip and I’m sure we will be making some very good shoes in pottery with the help of all the ideas we got from the fashion museum!

By Maya kulukundis, Rowland