11 January 2012

Athelhampton House

On Wednesday evening, all of the U6th went to Athelhampton House as a history and scripture trip. It was really fun but also quite spooky! The owner, Mr Cooke greeted us at the bus. The house was all lit up and as we went in a huge open fire welcomed us.
Clare the guide told us all about the history of the house which is Elizabethan and then took us round. We saw lots of secret doors and passages, from the drawing room there was a secret lever that opened onto a tiny narrow stair case for the maids in the olden days to go up to their rooms. We went up in threes but it was quite claustrophobic.  The house had beautiful furniture and paintings and stuffed animals and birds; the only modern thing we saw was a really cool pink imac computer in the billiard/library!  We then all had an ice cream by the fire and then went up stairs to a really modern cinema under the roof which was such a surprise to find. We watched the film ‘Amazing Grace’ all about abolition of the slave trade. We all enjoyed it but many of us cried.  We got back to Hanford at ten o’clock at night and slept right till morning.

It was a mind boggling trip and I wish I could go back.

By Imo, (Edith and Phyllida helped a little!)