29 November 2011

U11 Hockey Tournament at Talbot Heath

 U11 Hockey Tournament at Talbot Heath

Hanford against Talbot Heath

We started of playing not very well but we were still winning.  At half time we reassured ourselves so in the second half we played much better so we won.

Hanford against Clayesmore

Clayesmore were a very good team so we didn't win.  We did try our hardest but we didn't play as well as we did against Talbot Heath.  They were the better side so they won.

Hanford against Castle Court

We had already won against this team so we had our hopes high.  We started off well but we seemed to get worse as we went further on.  Leila, Elly and Theodora played the best throughout the tournament.

Georgia F-T GK, Leila T SW, Evie B RH, Olivia I CH, Theodora W LH, Elly M-B RW, Luz W LW.

Reserves Violet E and Letty H