28 November 2011

U9 A, B, and C Netball v Castle Court

On Monday 28 November we had a netball match against Castle Court.  The team included the whole of the third form.  We were separated into three teams, the A team, the B team and the C team.

There were only two courts so one of the B team and the C team took it in turns to play.

The whole match was made up of four quarters.  By the end Hanford's A team had three goals, Hanford's B and C teams drew with one each and Castle Court had four goals.

The match was played well and the defence was used a lot.  Castle Court were very speedy around the court.  They were very good at shooting too, as well as being spaced out.

Hanford didn't know Castle Court were going to be so good because they were small but they were brilliant.

By Betsy Board and Felicity Holme