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U11 IAPS Netball Tournament has been postponed to Monday 5th March at Port Regis (10 - 1:30pm)

U12 and U13 IAPS Netball Tournaments have been postponed to Tuesday 6th March at Millfield. (10:00 - 3:00pm)

U12 County Netball Tournament will now take place on Wednesday 7th March at Bournemouth School for Girls  (2:00 - 5:00pm)

U9 Rounders against Clayesmore
23 May 2017 U9 Rounders against Clayesmore

The U9 enjoyed a rounders match in the sunshine against Clayesmore


 IIIrd and IVth Form Trip to the Ancient Technology Centre in Cranborne, Dorset.

National Gardens Open Garden
23 May 2017 National Gardens Open Garden

Hanford opened its garden for the first time as part of the National Garden Scheme and raised money for charity


South West Schools Biathle at Leweston

U10 Rounders vs Knighton
17 May 2017 U10 Rounders vs Knighton

The local derby rounders match


Rounders and water polo
11 May 2017 Rounders and water polo

The IVth Form, Vth Form and LVIth went to St Mary's in Shaftesbury yesterday to play rounders and water polo.


LVIth History Trip to Houses of Parliament
8 May 2017 LVIth History Trip to Houses of Parliament

An account of the trip to the Houses of Parliament written by Halcyon and Rapha