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U11 IAPS Netball Tournament has been postponed to Monday 5th March at Port Regis (10 - 1:30pm)

U12 and U13 IAPS Netball Tournaments have been postponed to Tuesday 6th March at Millfield. (10:00 - 3:00pm)

U12 County Netball Tournament will now take place on Wednesday 7th March at Bournemouth School for Girls  (2:00 - 5:00pm)

Bridge Closure
23 May 2016 Bridge Closure

Until October the bridge between Shillingstone and Child Okeford will be closed.


U9 Rounders team
21 May 2016 U9 Rounders team

U9 Rounders team v Clayesmore


Rough Form Field Trip to Kimmeridge Bay
19 May 2016 Rough Form Field Trip to Kimmeridge Bay

Rough Form Science and Maths Field Trip to Kimmeridge Bay " 19th May 2016


Saturday 14th Matches
17 May 2016 Saturday 14th Matches

Weekend sports fixtures results


Another Glorious Weekend
16 May 2016 Another Glorious Weekend

It was a positive, comparative and superlative weekend at Hanford.


Athletics at Clayesmore

A Joyous Weekend of Fun and Sun
9 May 2016 A Joyous Weekend of Fun and Sun

The girls had a ball this weekend making the most of a hot and sunny weekend at Hanford.


Rounders Team Photographs
9 May 2016 Rounders Team Photographs

Under 9 and Under 10 Rounders team photographs


Hanford Tennis: A Poem
6 May 2016 Hanford Tennis: A Poem

A lively poem from the IVth Form inspired by a game of tennis.