10 October 2012 - 14:30 to 16:30

U11 A and U11/10B Hockey v Sherborne Prep (Away)

U11A   U11B
Helen Barton GK Ava Bremner
Daisy Stroyan SW Monar Stroyan
Poppy Napier LH Darcy Hood
Ella Potts CH Mara Fane
Hermoine Hunt-Davis RH Anastasia Compton
Georgina Clarke LF Tallulah Covell
Amelia Etherington RF Amelia Rouse
  Reserves Alice Price and Molly Payne


We played a hockey match against Sherborne Prep we were not very experienced but they were. They were very good at attacking and defending but we were not as good but still not very bad. Are attacking was the strongest so the defending was not good enough.
The match was very tough for us and was very tiring. We knew that there was a yummy match tea waiting for us which I think got us through it.
Our first goal was scored by Georgina Clark who was the strongest player of the team (she had started playing at her old school). Then the second one was scored by Amelia Etherington. They were the FORWARDS.
When we finally got to our match tea it was delicious we had hotdogs and ring doughnuts with lots of sugar on top. The players at Sherborne Prep were very nice and very friendly but we didn’t get to know them very well because sadly we didn’t get to sit on a table with them. We ate are lovely match tea and went back to school in time for the 7th lesson.



By Hermione Hunt-Davis and Amelia Etherington