15 September 2012 - 14:00 to 16:00

U13 A & B Hockey V Knighton (Away)

Match Report by Caroline Borton

On Saturday 15 September Hanford went to Knighton House to play a hockey match.  It was a sunny day and the girls were looking forward to it.  We had a good warm-up and then began the match.  Hanford started with the ball and managed to get it into the circle.  Knighton had a strong team because they had been back at school for a week so they managed to sweep it away.  Emily Gaselee then defended some difficult hits by Knighton.

The Hanford team managed to get it back in the circle and Caroline Borton, the right wing, scored the first goal.  That was shortly followed by a Knighton goal.  We were even at half time and we were determined to win.  Hanford then scored a goal and with only a few minutes to go we thought we'd won, but Knighton managed to get another goal.

The final score was 2-2.  Mr Riggs was pleased with the way we played.  We then quickly packed up and went to have a delicious tea.  We all had a very enjoyable day.



U13A   U13B
Emily Gaselee GK Celia McCormick
Ellie Whitbread SW Simi Carpenter
Katie Beales LH Laura Kwiatkowski
Ottilie Tabberer CH Georgia Flawn-Thomas
Mamry Potts RH Sophia Buchanan
Fenella Carr-Smith LF Isabella Lee
Caroline Borton (capt) RF Araminta Stubbs
  RESERVES Sasha Forrest and Alice Cooper