9 November 2011 - 14:15 to 15:15

U12 A and B Hockey v Sunninghill

U12 A   U12B
Emily Gaselee GK Celia McCormick
Ottillie Tabberer (Captain) SW Simi Carpenter
Isabella Lee LH Laura Kwiatkowski
Georgia Flawn-Thomas CH Sophia Buchanan
Katie Beales RH Natalya Malikova
Fenella Carr-Smith LF Franny Hunt-Davis
Caroline Borton RF Araminta Stubbs  (Captain)
  RESERVE Alice Cooper
Isabella Lee Match Report Araminta Stubbs

Report on the U12B's match by Araminta Stubbs:

On the 9th November we played hockey against Sunninghill.  The weather was absolutely vile but we still carried on playing

Sunninghill played very well and won 2-0 and we unfortunately lost 0-1.

It was fun for us because it was on concrete and we had never every played on concrete.

Overall we all played amazingly well.  We finished the day with a nice match tea.