2 November 2011 - 11:45 to 16:00

U13 Hockey Bryanston Tournament

The week after half term under 13 hockey team played a tournament at Bryanston.  The weather was not great but we still enjoyed the day. The food was amazing and the staff were kind.

The first match we played was against port Regis which they won 3-0.   Through out the day the team progressed and we scored some good goals.

Our final match was against Sandroyd (semi-finals) which they won 1-0. BUT … when the match ended the score was 0-0 so we had to play an extra 5 minutes. At the end of that no one had scored so we had to then play sudden death which is when every 1 minute a player form each side is taken of the pitch. At the end when Sandroyd scored there were 2 and the goal keeper on the pitch.

By Caro Borton + Ellie Whitbread


Alice Gornall-Wick GK

Sofia Maughan SW (Capt)

Edith Hood LH

Charlotte Rouse CH

Lara Longden RH

Imo Folkes LF

Tilly Henriques RF


Reserves and Match Reports:  Caroline Borton and Ellie Whitbread