70th Birthday

Hanford School hosted a summer garden party to celebrate its 70th Birthday in July 2017. Well over 600 Old Girls returned to Hanford on a glorious summer’s day to celebrate this milestone – a marvelous 70 years. We could not for wished for a more perfect summer day; the garden looked its best set off by high blue skies, bright yellow sunshine and disturbed by only the lightest breeze.
Some Old Girls were returning for the first time in many years, others had daughters at the school and one or two are now part of the teaching staff. One family had three generations of Old Girls in their party.
There were lots of things on offer to entertain the Old Girls – a concert, dog show, bake off, gym display plus short extracts from the summer play ‘The Diary of Ann Ford’.
The four-legged scene stealers were very much the center of attention all day, as groups made a beeline for the stables wanting reminisce and catch up with their old friends the ponies.
The highlight had to be sheer pleasure and joy of seeing groups of Old Girls back together, laughing, chatting and even tree climbing. The years melted away and for a brief moment they were children again sharing happy memories and making new ones.
Much has changed in the 70 years since Hanford began, both in the world and at the school, but Enid Canning’s desire to cherish childhood remains unaltered and very much in evidence at the party.