Ponies at Hanford

The possibility of keeping your pony at Hanford depends on the following criteria:

• Is there any room at the moment?
• Is your particular pony fit for a group of children who need a pony of that type?
• Is it able to live out at grass? We do restrict the grazing because the grass in this valley is naturally very rich. We do use electric fences to keep them in small, safe groups.
• All ponies must be capable of being ridden by most of the children and the child owner must not mind it being ridden by others.

Ponies have to be licensed by the county. They have to be passed by their vet and passed as suitable and safe for the children. This examination takes place in the Autumn Term and involves inspection of all animals, their tack and our premises. The school is insured.

If we find that a pony has some quirk or disability or a temperament that makes it doubtful on ‘out’ rides on the hill, it cannot stay at Hanford.

Further information  on riding may be found in the Riding Policy (About Hanford/School Policies)


Pony keep:

• The ponies are kept out at grass. They are caught in by the children in the morning and have a small feed as required by the time of year. They have hay at times of the year when needed.
• We do not immunise our ponies, but they are regularly wormed and shod.
• Shoeing is the only expense for the owner unless the pony requires extra food or vitamins or veterinary attention.

The ponies are insured, third party only, under the School’s policy, but otherwise for fire, lightning and explosion only.

Nigel Payne

Head of Riding