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Fees from september 2017

Boarding fees £7,500.00 per term

Day Girls’ fees £6,250.00 per term


Riding     £200.00 per term

Dancing  £140.00 per term

Tennis     £4 per lesson (up to Year 4)
               £60 per term (from Year 5)

Learning a Musical Instrument

First instrument             £215.00 per term

Second instrument        £200.00 per term

Musical instrument hire £16 per term



Fees are reviewed on an annual basis, usually prior to a new academic year.

Trips costing more than £40 per pupil will not be charged without prior consent.

Day girls may stay for a certain number of free nights each term (Autumn:  20 nights / Spring:  15 / Summer:  17).  Thereafter there will be an overnight charge of £35 per night.

Charges may be incurred for regular additional teaching or support from Learning Support teachers or assistants employed by Hanford.

Forces bursaries:  capped at the CEA claim + 10% of our fees.

Sibling discounts:  5% 2nd child, 10% 3rd child, 12.5% 4th child.