Scripture is taught throughout the school with two lessons and one prep a week.  The teaching is mainly based on the Bible .

The girls are encouraged to discover the moral dimension of the biblical stories and to relate them to everyday life. We hope to enhance their sense of right and wrong.  In order to help the girls clearly remember these, they often act them out in the box gardens.

In the Lower 6th (year 7) the girls concentrate on the New Testament, the birth of Christianity and its message. They also each choose a person of spiritual importance to study and give an individual presentation to their form.

In the final year the girls have three lessons and one prep a week ; they revisit in greater depth all that they have studied but concentrate on the contemporary relevance of the stories, miracles and parables.

Increasingly, the girls are encouraged to form their own personal views, and to realize that, as long as they can defend them logically and intelligently, their ideas are important and valid. Through these discussions they are also led to accept other people’s points of view and to understand the value of other faiths.

Religious Studies lends itself to meaningful discussions on all aspects of their lives and develops the girls’ awareness of their own responsibility, and their ability to influence their environment both at school and at home.