The Science Department has two specialist teachers with two well-equipped science laboratories. The main aim of our teaching is to encourage an interest in the world around us and to understand the relevance of science in everyday life. 

All pupils have Science lessons in the labs. The youngest, Years 3 and 4, have an introduction to the subject and begin to learn their way around the lab and how to use the equipment. They also have nature lessons, where the girls learn to look at the changing environment around them.

The ISEB syllabus is begun in Year 5 at 11+, moving onto 13+ in the second half of Year 6. It is arranged so that topics are taught at an appropriate level but are then revisited and expanded upon as pupils move upwards through the School. A great deal of practical work is done to enhance learning and to develop skills. Girls are encouraged to make their own predictions, and to realise that is does not matter if they are not right but that we learn from them. Observations are made and recorded in a scientific form and then conclusions drawn. Safety is paramount and precautions are always taken when carrying out experiments. 

Girls are taken to science activity days and talks at local schools.  We also undertake in-house activities using the extensive grounds and varied habitats around the School, with help from experts such as the Dorset Wildlife Trust and the Beeman.

We hope that pupils will leave Hanford having developed a curiosity in the environment in which they live, as well as having stimulated their desire to learn even more and to be able to build on sound scientific knowledge gained during their time with us.